Hi, my name is Harry

Well what can I say? I’m Harry a born and bred British guy, I think I can say I truly represent a true UK citizen as I’m 25% Welsh 25% Scottish and 50% English.

I moved to Poland seven years ago with my Polish wife and Ponglish son (1/2 Polish 1/2 English  🙂 ) and I have to say that so far so good! This isn’t the only other country I’ve lived in since leaving the UK but it’s probably where I’m going to stay, I think I’ve finally found somewhere I can call home.

I enjoy home mechanics and repairing and maintained  my ever increasing collection of old British cars, then taking them out for drives in the wide open spaces here in Poland and promptly breaking them again.

I still try to travel back to the UK as often as possible, firstly to see old friends and family and secondly to keep my language and accent up to date.

I came to teaching late in life after fighting against a family occupation for many years, I come from a family of teachers and musicians and I can’t do music, so here I am.

The majority of my working life after studies was spent in procurement around various parts of Europe until the decision was made to come here when teaching seemed the logical thing to do and I have to say I really enjoy it.