I help adults and teenagers to improve and excel in English. My students make their language dreams come true: travelling abroad, having a conversation in English, changing job or becoming fluent in English.
I’m a teacher because I like working with people. It gives me great joy to see my students develop and gain confidence in English. On the other hand, I learn from my students – about the production and sale of beer, the military, insurance sector, logistics and shipping or about the production of tiles.
I wanted to be a teacher from my youngest years. Later, like any teenager I had many ideas about what I wanted to do in my life. I studied psychology. I wanted to work in the HR department. But when I learnt what it looked like in real life, I decided to change my perspective.
I learnt English as a child. When I was a baby, my parents went to Kuwait, where we lived for 18 years! I went to an English school and soaked the language , thus becoming a native speaker.
So, I answered a job advert for language trainers. I had no previous teaching experience, but my employers believed in me. Later I completed the CELTA course. There I learned how to teach. Ever since I have been developing – completing courses like DELTA or of a language coach.
After a long day, I go to Centrum Konwersacji to teach my students. There my students and I can repower our batteries. It is fantastic to do what I love.